What was his objective?

The objective and goal changed as his research advanced… he started with magnetism, moved on to different forces of gravity, centrifugal force (which we will dedicate this space to), asymmetry etc…

He was convinced that by travelling faster than the speed of light you could travel into the past and the future to see those parallel universes we hear so much about.

Boom! I know you’re eyes are like plates right now but I’m used to hearing incredible things so if I can get used to them, so can you.

He was so convinced that finally he had the proof that he was determined to show the world what he’d discovered with so much effort, 40 years of research but something was missing…… time.

The results of his discovery violate the principle of the conservation of the moment and generate a push “from the centre (inside)” creating a constant acceleration and energy from inside the body itself.

Therefore both my mother and I have decided to do what we believe to be the most appropriate. We know nothing about physics and we only know what he explained to us and what we experienced at his side. That’s why we need experts from around the world who can add to his invention and help us to decipher what he left written.

We leave you his formulae and thoughts from the last years of his research in this blog and we’d be very happy to answer your questions. It’s quite possible there’s nothing there, or there may be advance, or merely a dream that won’t come true or perhaps undecipherable, but I’m convinced of his mental clarify, after all he is my father! We need somebody objective who can study this attentively because if there is something here, it’s something HUGE!