To my Father:

Tireless, patient, hardworking,

Loving, kind, wise

and with a world vision which set him apart from other earthly beings.

For you, because I promised to and because I love you.


My mother, Eva, that great woman behind every great man, and I have joined forces and energies to capture his 40 years of effort, and, well, a whole lot more….

Because he made us believe in the afterlife.  



He was always at my side since I was very young.

He would rise at ungodly hours to go to the factory, take me to school, make us happy and give us everything.

The most amazing thing is that during his whole life he always found time to read, do research, fix things and speak constantly.

His energy filled the air at mealtimes with friends with words and adventures. He would predict the future 10 years before it would happen. Some treated him as a joker, others as a madman, others as a wise man but everyone without exception admired him and treated him as a great friend. Dino – that was him – Alfredo Ribera.

He would fix anything from windows, doors, swimming pools, necklaces, engines and anything to do with engineering. He was practical and rational. He would give financial advice with 99% certainty and knew about the politics and culture of every country in the world.

History and the universe were his passions.

Nature always surprised him and fascinated his intelligence. By observing it, he set forth on his long research journey towards life’s unknowns and science, challenging thousands of years of previous accounts and theories in silence.

I remember him sitting for hours and hours making calculations and playing around with mercury, magnets, pieces of metal, nails and other objects in the family garage. He would build figures from the cutlery on the table and would play with his hands and fingers making shapes whilst watching a film.

My mother would tell me that when they started dating they would spend hours in workshops overseeing the progress of pieces he had ordered instead of taking her to discotheques or dancehalls as young people used to do!

He was simply different. From that moment on, my mother became interested too and became part of this scientific world in which he was submerged. His passion to unravel nature’s secrets was so strong that she also became hooked.

His mind never stopped working, even when he was asleep. For me and many others he had a gifted mind.

We’ve often thought about how to follow up his Invention, as he called it, his legacy or his “discovery” after his life was taken to a new dimension… And this is our decision – upload his work and find whoever can decode his mind full of numbers, formulas and drawings and make all the information we have accessible to everyone.

All we need is for you to make this blog go viral and reach whoever it is who can make his work see the light of day in the way he would have liked. It’s not an easy task and it would make a good plot for a film, don’t you think? Can you help us find other gifted minds who want to take up the challenge?

Infinite thankyous!

Carolina Ribera