How one man´s passion became constant lifelong research towards evolution, the incredible and the occult.


True to his principles and a tireless thinker, Alfredo Ribera did not rest until the day his light burnt out in order to shine on from above.

Alfredo Ribera believed he had discovered the new formula for centrifugal force and developed the theory and formulae which violate the principle of the conservation of momentum and generates push “from within” creating a constant acceleration through an action without reaction caused by an asymmetry which he discovered in nature. In other words, energy is generated from within the body itself.

Are the TWO THIRDS, the number 0.666 and a CONE figure the new key nature?


To show the world that time travel isn’t just possible in films, and reveal and put into practice all the multiple uses and applications gained from his discovery such as airplane engines, ships, generators, desalination plants…

Centrifugal Force

Proof and demonstration of true centrifugal force “nowadays almost eliminated from textbooks”.